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We'll help you succeed
in your job search!
This FREE program will help you find a good job and make a fresh start.
Here's how it works.
 1 You’ll select one or more of the seminars listed below.      

·   Career Exploration & Reference Selection (4 hours)

·   Resume Development (4 hours)

·   Interview Preparation (4 hours)

·   Job Search Methods (4 hours)

·   Achieving Job Success (4 hours)

·   Saving Money and Getting Out of Debt (4 hours)
· Call Center Training (1 day)
· Computer Basics (1 day)
· National Retail Federation (NRF) Certificate Training in Customer Service (1 week)
·   Managing Credit, Investments and Savings Wisely (4 hours)
 2  After you complete one or more seminars, Goodwill Temporary Staffing (GTS)will provide you with individualized placement assistance.
 3 You will independently search for a job and complete a form listing your job search activities.
 4 You will have a total of three meetings with GTS to receive job referrals (if available) and to review your independent job search activities. 
To apply for the Veterans Employment Program
call (727) 577-6411

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